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5 Reasons to Track Your Spending

The path to financial security starts with tracking your spending. Sure, it may sound like a tedious task; however, it’s an essential part of taking control of your finances. Tracking helps you become more aware of your spending habits so you can improve them, if necessary. You’ll always know where your money is going. Most people are unsure of where their money is going at one time or another. Keeping …Read More

Protect Your Information Online

Our tech gadgets have not only made us more connected than ever before; they’ve also made it easier to pay bills, manage our finances, purchase items on-the-go and more. Although these little tasks are made easier, doing them online increases the chance that a thief may steal our information without our knowledge. Once your information is compromised, it takes time and energy to get back what you’ve lost. Here’s how …Read More

5 Reasons to Give Me a Call Today!

Did you know I can do more than help you buy or sell a home? In fact, I offer a variety of services to all of my great clients, regardless of whether I am currently working with them on a home sale or purchase. 1. I’ll keep you informed about my local market. Although the trends in my market may be similar to those occurring nationally, often there are striking …Read More

Choosing a Neighbourhood

You’re not just buying a home – you’re buying a location. And even the most perfect house won’t feel right if you’re in the wrong neighbourhood. Educate yourself about the area so you’ll choose wisely – and end up being happy with your decision. Are you close to shopping and recreation? Being close to stores, parks, recreational facilities, a post office and dry cleaners will save you time. Do people in …Read More